Wednesday, March 31, 2010

elmo clip

my brother zac showed me this when i came back from golf
check his blog out too
try not to poop your pants
there are more at from other sesame street characters

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

road trip

We had a chance to visit my grandparents in New Jersey.
that's my grandpa

my uncle mike
My Uncle Mike had lots of puppies.

i went to the beach

this is zac and my grandma

we got pop corn in ocean city on a long board walk.

my grandparents gave me this box and i got to stain it.

I love to spend time with my grandparents.
I wish I could do it again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun Time!

This is going to be about my Christmas.
I loved this Christmas because we got to spend time with our family.

Friday, November 14, 2008


brother Fraser and Zac are seeing how big there hands are.

here are the Fraser's.

Abby wanted to try my mask on.

me,will,and scary Abby.

my brother is to be a dead waiter.

doesn't my dad look scary.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Here's my weird sister and her friend Riley.My weird sister thinks she all that,but shes NOT! I miss her.

Here's my friend from church.Me and Levi did allot of pictures under water for along time by our self's.

Me and my gramie.My gramie would get me any thing for my birthday.

Don't I look pretty in the pictures.

If I DON'T look pretty in the pictures above then Levi must.

I won the water wrestling! I rock!

Here's the wrestling pictures.

We had to buy like 50 balls. Yes I'm lazy to spell 50!

Here's all my friends and my sister.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

All About Me

I had to make a autobiography for my language arts teacher.We got three weeks for it and I waited until the last week.Some of the pictures I went through I could still remember it.We had to do ten chapters and here's another story.

Since I was little I have collected stuff. I really like magnetic things. I would keep them in a little white box. In first and second grade I collected rocks, sticks, dirt, pencils, pieces of paper and other stuff I thought was cool. I would find stuff during P.E. Then I would keep all of this stuff in my desk at school. When I cleaned my desk out I put it in my book bag. My mom would make we throw half of it away, because there was too much in all my bins at home. My book bag was so heavy my mom could barely lift it.
I collect all kinds of hats. Right now all I have are baseball hats and hunting hats for my collection. I want this collection because I think hats are cool. If it’s a hot day and I lost a hat, I can get another hat.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Entry two of autobiography

This summer I played with my friends and made all-stars. We came in second place against American. Then two weeks later we went to Philadelphia for a week, and then to New Jersey for a family reunion in Ocean City, which was awesome.
In Philadelphia we had a 24 hour tour bus pass. We saw the liberty bell, William Penn , Independence Hall and China town.
In New Jersey we went to the ocean, my parent’s houses when they were little. Every morning I went for a bike ride on the boardwalk and it was awesome.

We were in Cape May, New Jersey at the point. I saw some rock and starting picking them up. They were cool.